"Clement thus sees the camera chiefly as a convenient means of creating images, rather than recording those which are already in existence. It seems likely that when the aesthetic contemporary photography have been finally sorted out -- a process which is still not complete despite the efforts of Susan Sontag and others -- this will be the kind of photography which most logically aligns itself with fine art."

American Art Now, Edward Lucie Smith
© 1985 Phaidon Press Limited, William Morrow & Co., NY

"In their classical balance and exquisite luminosity, they (Clement's images) elicit an innocent wonder, which etches its way into our conscious attention. The simple object becomes a mysterious thing, seemingly existing beyond mortal time. In the recent large-scale photogenic drawings, works like Fountain, Ship of the Soul, Bassin pour l'Eau Lustrale, which were seen last year in his James Gallery Exhibit , Ceremonie: The Chamber of Venus, Clement has found his way in the most powerful expression. His recent photogenic drawings may be as close as one gets in contemporary art to an image of the life of the soul."

Alain Gerard Clement (exhibition essay), Jim Edwards
Weil Gallery Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi, 1997